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Geoffrey Wines Series

Geoffrey Wines, fictitious reporter for the Washington Post is a journalist’s journalist. His nose to investigate when “things just do not seem right” takes him places other reporters simply miss. As a result, he finds himself in the middle of conspiracies with the most unlikely participants. Though he has won multiple Pulitzer Prizes and acknowledged as a world-class correspondent, he prefers to remain “just a reporter on the metro desk.”

While the Geoffrey Wines books are compelling works of fiction, Author Antim Straus uses Geoffrey Wines’ investigations to shed light on timely and important events impacting our nation. Camp David Conspiracy exposes how the illegal drug trade employs sophisticated tools to achieve its market success and why America’s “war on drugs” is mostly unsuccessful. Disorder – A Novel reveals the industrialization of disinformation in our political discourse; how it operates; and why its fabrications are believed by so many citizens. 

Camp David Conspiracy

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Book cover of Camp David Conspiracy by Antim Straus



Geoffrey Wines, Metro Reporter for the Washington Post loves his gritty beat of reporting on drugs and gangs in the DC area.

He instantly knows things are not right when drug overdoses in DC and other metro areas start to spike. His suspicions heighten when five DC gang-bangers overdose from a new brick of cartel-delivered cocaine, and then confirmed when a prominent DC Attorney suffers the same fate. What could be so lethal? So undetectable? And who could be behind it?

Wines and his inner-city intern begin to connect the dots that lead someplace neither would suspect. Their probe takes them from the depths of inner-city Washington DC tenements to Cartel kingpins to the highest reaches of the US Justice Department. In the middle of their exploration, Wines discovers human frailties and friendships that are unshakable as everywhere he looks, there are good guys, bad guys, and some who straddle the thin line in-between. In this gray-space he unravels the Camp David Conspiracy.


Book cover of Disorder - A Novel by Antim Straus

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If the political drama of the January 6 Insurrection, Watergate, Monica-Gate, The Pentagon Papers, or the exposé books by Bob Woodward excite you, then you will be entranced by Disorder – A Novel from beginning to end.

Washington Post metro reporter Geoffrey Wines becomes suspicious when the presidential election cycle begins and two of his “metro-beat” contacts ask him about strange events: A pizza parlor owner can’t understand why groups of armed men are showing up at his restaurant demanding to know why he is keeping kidnapped children captive in his downstairs game room; An inner-city Baptist minister can’t figure why his congregants are so concerned about Facebook stories they are reading. 

Working on a tip from a most unlikely source, Wines enlists help from James Olsen, the paper’s new media correspondent and computer hacker. Fighting fire with fire, Olsen uses his hacking skills and sets traps, exposing a network of disinformation and the operatives behind it. Despite this evidence, the editors of the Washington Post are reluctant to report on the falsehoods for fear of spreading fake news and exposing the paper’s investigation techniques.